The Campaign

The Edinburgh 2050 City Vision campaign began 2 years ago and has heard from thousands of citizens across the city. Discover the key themes and be inspired to share your own vision.

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2 years

In the autumn of 2016 the City of Edinburgh Council launched a major conversation about the future of a city and a society, inviting Edinburgh to talk about its aspirations, plans, and concerns, for the first time in a generation: Edinburgh’s City Vision for 2050.

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4 clear themes

During the first year of stakeholder and public engagement on the development of a long-term vision for Edinburgh, we spoke to thousands of people of all ages, and identified four important themes that were obviously relevant to participants. These themes were: connected, inspired, thriving, and fair.

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1 leader

The Lord Provost of Edinburgh took up formal leadership of the process and appointed a refreshed steering group from across public, private and voluntary sectors to advise him.


What would you like Edinburgh to be like in 2050? One year on, we catch up with the people of Edinburgh to find out what matters to them. Have your say #edinburgh2050


An inspired city


Edinburgh is a city that inspires the world and we will continue to treasure, and grow, our unique culture and heritage. The Edinburgh of 2050 will be a city renowned for its creativity and ingenuity, building on its reputation as a premier destination for culture, education and innovation.

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A thriving city


The skills of our people and our global industries have been the driver of our success over the past thirty years. In 2050, Edinburgh will be a place of opportunity and ambition, where innovators and entrepreneurs can achieve prosperity and success.

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A connected city

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Connections are at the core of how a city is lived in and how its people interact with each other. In 2050, Edinburgh will be a city built around shared spaces which create opportunities for understanding, for friendship, and for the exchange of ideas.

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A fair city

A great city commits to sharing success and improving the wellbeing and life experience of all its citizens. In 2050, Edinburgh will be a city without barriers to achievement and where a good quality of life is a basic requirement enjoyed by all.

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