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What can Edinburgh learn from other European cities?

Edinburgh is currently building its vision for 2050, but other cities across Europe have already started working towards their own future plans and goals. What can Edinburgh learn from these cities to inspire our own vision for the city’s future? We sent three futurists on a research mission to some of the most forward-thinking cities in Europe and asked them to report back on their findings…



Karl Saunders went to the Irish capital Dublin to discover inspiring ideas for Edinburgh of the future. Could BT Murrayfield host annual Highland Games, just like Croke Park host the Gaelic Games? Will a large attraction like the Guinness Storehouse bring more sustainable tourism to Edinburgh? Should Edinburgh be working to reduce its waste, like the Insomnia coffeehouse in CHQ (Custom House Quay)?

Watch Karl’s vlog to discover what Edinburgh could learn from Dublin….

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We sent Carole Bold to Helsinki, who discovered several fascinating initiatives that Edinburgh could take inspiration from. Carole was particularly impressed with the city’s dedication to communal spaces, their thriving startup community and the ease of access to green spaces.

Find out about all of these inspiring innovations in Carole’s vlog…

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Eilidh May travelled to Copenhagen and found out how Edinburgh could learn from the innovative projects in the Danish capital. Copenhagen aims to be carbon-neutral by the year 2025, and there are lots of initiatives in place to help the city reach that goal. From a robust cycle network to rooftop farming and innovative regeneration of old buildings, Eilidh found plenty of inspiration to bring back home to Edinburgh!

Watch Eilidh’s blog to see Copenhagen’s carbon-neutral plan in action…

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