Connected Edinburgh

Connections are at the core of how a city is lived in and how its people interact with each other. In 2050, Edinburgh will be a city built around shared spaces which create opportunities for understanding, for friendship, and for the exchange of ideas.

How do we ensure Edinburgh of 2050 retains its strong links with other cities and cultures and secures new lasting connections? 


Less congestion?

Daisy Narayanan, Deputy Director of Built Environment for Sustrans Scotland, wants to see active travel across the city become the norm. Her vision for Edinburgh by 2050 is a city that is vibrant, healthy, more active and less congested, aligned with other global cities and most importantly, a city that has people at its very heart.

A global hub?

Managing Director of CodeBase Jamie Coleman believes Edinburgh will be a global hub exporting digital goods in 2050. Jamie believes that the shift in connective online technology will allow Edinburgh to be one of the world’s most successful, progressive and entrepreneurial cities again - as we were in days gone by.

A growing visitor economy?

Manuela Calchini, Head of Information Services at VisitScotland, believes strong connectivity is absolutely vital in helping us grow the visitor economy to remain a top tourist destination in 2050 and beyond.



My Edinburgh will...

Will your Edinburgh 2050 be more connected to its people with improved infrastructure and global and digital links? Will it attract new investment and be even more attractive to visitors?

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