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Thriving Edinburgh

The skills of our people and our global industries have been the driver of our success over the past thirty years. In 2050, Edinburgh will be a place of opportunity and ambition, where innovators and entrepreneurs can achieve prosperity and success.



Edinburgh of today is flourishing with a successful economy, a year-round population of visitors, a blooming cultural scene and one of the UK’s fastest growing centres for technology startups. How do we ensure Edinburgh of 2050 continues to prosper and its people to thrive? 

A thriving coastal city?

Scientists Larissa Naylor, James Fitton and Jim Hansom believe that, as 34% of the city's boundary is the sea, Edinburgh 2050 must become a thriving coastal city with wildlife and beaches on our doorstep. 

Provide THE RIGHT skills?

Amanda Tyndall, the Creative Director of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, believes that Edinburgh 2050 will be collaborative, creative and sustainable with the focus firmly on equipping the young people of Scotland with the skills, competencies and confidence to not only survive but to thrive in a fast-paced modern world.


My Edinburgh will...

Whether it’s a thriving community, environment, economy or culture, what will your Edinburgh 2050 be?

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