Inspired Edinburgh

A great city commits to sharing success and improving the wellbeing and life experience of all its citizens. In 2050, Edinburgh will be a city without barriers to achievement and where a good quality of life is a basic requirement enjoyed by all.


Quality Architecture?

Rab Bennetts OBE from Bennetts Associate Architects believes quality architecture is vital for the city's precious skyline and what Edinburgh could achieve by 2050 is a greater public understanding of: the city’s strengths; what makes good architecture for Edinburgh; and a sense that both old and new can be harnessed in a fitting way.

Year-round arts?

Nick Stewart, manager of the Sneaky Pete’s music venue and campaigner for Music Is Audible, thinks that with a better year-round arts scene, Edinburgh 2050 can be a place full of music, arts and culture.

A city that moves?

Chief Executive of Edinburgh Leisure June Peebles would like would like to see Edinburgh being recognised locally and nationally for its physical activity levels – for being a city that moves. She believes that with better funding and facilities everyone in the city can enjoy being active in Edinburgh 2050.


My Edinburgh will...

Will your Edinburgh 2050 encourage creativity, promote the arts, inspire a healthier lifestyle or stimulate you to learn?

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