Rich Osborn

30, Charity Worker


Charity worker Rich Osborn, from South Queensferry, is keen to see a capital city that has addressed accessibility and job opportunities for disabled people, and embraced new technology.

He suffered a spinal cord injury in 2009 and works for Back Up, a charity that helps others in the same situation. From his wheelchair and through his work helping others, he is acutely aware of how difficult it can be to get around.

He’d like to see more jobs for people with disabilities, and employers more aware of the support and grants available to make their workplace more accessible for all.

“It’s massively important,” says Rich. “It’s positive for the individual’s mental health, social life, and has a whole host of benefits including preventing social isolation and giving people a much-needed routine.”

He is keen for Edinburgh to grasp emerging technologies, and is looking forward to seeing more electric and hybrid cars and more efficient homes built using sustainable materials.

“I think Edinburgh is on the cusp of some great technological advances,” he says. “The city really looks to be encouraging people to keep up with the times and to learn new digital skills, which are so important in the workplace. New developments like Google Garage will really help people stay on top of their game, which is great”.

“I hope we can make it a reality.”